How to take great location photos

14th Oct 2021

You’ve decided to list your property, and now you want to showcase your space in the best possible way. The saying is true- a photo really is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to promoting locations for film opportunities. First and foremost, it’s important to accurately portray your property. Misrepresentation will just lead to frustration down the line. Special filters and photo treatments are best avoided, and the good news is- keep it simple! Taking photos with a Point & Shoot camera or newer camera phone is generally fine. 

Photo tips:

  • Include multiple shots of your location from different angles. Taking photos standing in one corner of a room usually gives the best view. 
  • A photo file of around 20-30 pictures is a great starting point (depending on how many spaces you have available).
  • Please include interior and exterior shots. If some areas are no access, please don’t photograph them.
  • Landscape format photos are generally preferred, using widest setting possible.
  • Here are some general standards:
    – File size between 100KB – 1 MB
    – JPEG format, Uncompressed
  • If you are sending from a camera phone, please email over at the highest resolution which is usually ‘actual size’
  • Please do not include photos shot in bad weather (rain, snow etc.)
  • Submit photos in room order e.g. front entrance/lobby then moving through each floor
  • Spaces don’t need to be unrealistically tidy but minimize clutter before photographing – e.g. removing piles of laundry of paperwork
  • Concentrate on shooting the actual location itself and not people, pets, vehicles etc.

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Rachael Dudley


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