How it works

Why do I need a location agency?

You’ll be well connected

Producers, Location Scouts and Creatives use Location Base as a resource for finding locations for their projects. With our simple search platform and a wide variety of locations, these clients return again and again. Our website makes your images available to view anytime from anywhere (without showing your exact location or giving away personal information). We also market our locations through word of mouth, social media and mail outs to our large network of content creators.

Set up scouts

We will initially contact you with the details of the inquiry to check availability and interest before setting up any scouts. Once confirmed, we will connect you with the production for arranging site visits. Film production is fast paced and often a discarded location isn’t informed. We will always try to get confirmation if the client passes, so you are not left hanging.

Payment, agreement & insurance

We make sure the production provides adequate insurance and that a film location agreement is signed off by both parties. The payment and deposit are paid to us before any crew steps on site and you are paid your fee as soon as the property is wrapped to your satisfaction. Location Base will process the location fee on your behalf and return any deposits once the project is complete. We are available for any specific questions relating to the production.

Bookings, pricing & rates

Our team will contact you when an inquiry comes in for your space and you can let us know if you’re interested. Each booking & location fee will be finalized on a case by case basis. When you sign up can you let us know what you would like to charge for your location. If you’re not sure of how much to charge we can help you price your space (your listing price can be adjusted at any time). There is no charge for listing your property with us but when each shoot is complete, we deduct 15% from the total location fee for our services.

Create an account and list

Click on “List a Location”, tell us a bit about yourself and your location & agree to the T’s & C’s.

Upload photos

Include shots of all the main spaces available as well as exteriors. The more information you can provide us about your property at this stage the better!

Every shoot is different

We’ll contact you when someone inquires about your property to check you’re happy to proceed and walk you through the whole process.

Payment is easy

Payment is made in advance into the Location Base account. On completion of the shoot, the location fee minus our commission will be paid out to you.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need insurance?

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What is the cancellation policy?

If you are needing to cancel your location booking after your agreement has been signed, please reach out to your Location Agent. We understand extenuating circumstances may occur but as a guideline the following Cancellation Fees will apply:

Cancellation Fees:

Once a Location Agreement has been signed the Creative/ Client will be liable for up to 100% of the location fee if the Creative/ Client then cancels the shoot.

Cancellation Policy:

If the Creative needs to cancel up to 7 + days before shoot: 75% of the Location Fee will be refunded

If the Creative needs to cancel up to 48 hours before shoot: 50% of the Location Fee will be refunded

If the Creative needs to cancel up to 24 hours before shoot: 25% of the Location Fee will be refunded

If the Creative needs to cancel WITHIN 24 hours of shoot: 0% refund on the Location Fee

– Cancellation fees are only applicable once the agreement has been signed and full payment has been made.

– In order to reschedule a booking rather than cancel both parties need to agree on a new date (within 30 days of the original shoot date or by the discretion of both parties).


– If a shoot is weather dependent, this should be outlined prior to the shoot date and acknowledged by the location owner so they are prepared to re- schedule when necessary.

COVID- 19 Related Cancellations (2022):

We understand that the pandemic has created an element of uncertainty for everyone. The health and well-being of our clients and our location owners is our highest priority, so please let your Location Agent know as soon as possible if there are Covid- 19 concerns.

If the Creative needs to reschedule up to 48 hours:

– No fees to reschedule, written explanation to be provided to Location Base

If the Creative needs to reschedule up to 24 hours:

– Location Fee held for future bookings, written explanation to be provided to Location Base. If the shoot is CANCELLED entirely due to Covid 19 only, fee returned less a $250 administrative fee.

If the Creative needs to reschedule within 24 hours:

– On a case-by-case basis

If a Location Owner needs to reschedule due to Covid- 19 safety concerns, the production will receive a full refund. A $250 inconvenience credit will be offered for future bookings (or on a Covid – 19 rescheduled booking).


Termination of a shoot:

The following actions may result in the termination of a shoot by Location Base:

  1. non-payment of the location hire fees and/or (if applicable) the damage deposit prior to the commencement of the shoot;
  2. failure to provide proof of valid Public Liability Insurance and/or failure to sign and deliver the Location Agreement prior to the commencement of the shoot;
  3. the provision of inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information by the producer/ client in connection with the Location Agreement;
  4. any breach of the Location Agreement.
How do I pay for a booking?

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Producer Terms and Conditions

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How much does it cost to scout your locations?

It’s completely free to browse our listings and make inquiries, so please let us know your budget and requirements and we’ll see if we have a match! (We take a percentage of the location fee from confirmed bookings). Some locations may charge for an in person scout but we’ll outline any fees before any on site visits.

Do I need a film liaison/ site rep?

A film liaison/ site rep charge will be considered case-by-case depending on the type and scope of the booking. Once you have detailed the nature of your booking you will be informed if it’s a requirement. Their role is to act as an unbiased third-party representative who assists both parties to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Does Location Base organize permits?

Location Base does NOT organize permits. We ask that all productions are diligent in checking the rules and regulations of the geographical area in which they are filming and confirm whether permits are required.

Location owners
Who are your clients?

Primarily we are a location agency for smaller shoots for small and medium sized crews looking to shoot for up to a 12-hour day. These could be corporate videos, indie films, music videos, PSA’s (public service announcements) or branded content.
We are also very well connected with larger recurring TV shows and Feature Films in town. However, please appreciate that many locations simply can’t host a crew and disruption of this size. Crews are typically upwards of 75 people and they all need support space for equipment & support vehicles.

Is my location a good option for filming?
Preferred locations generally have:

1. Spacious areas (to host the crew and equipment)
2. Good availability (a location is much more desirable if it can offer a variety of time and dates)
3. Minimal noise disruption (for when sound is being recorded)
4. Easy accessibility (there is a lot of support equipment so it’s hard for crews to walk in)
5. Parking on site (most cast and crew drive and have equipment)
6. Central locations e.g Greater Vancouver (this is where the most filming happens)
7. Be clean and safe (you may have a great disused barn with lots of character, but a production will need a lot of time and money to make it clean and safe enough for its crew)

However, in the last few years there has been a HUGE increase in content being made and distributed across a variety of platforms including streaming, web and apps. Projects are being filmed in every place imaginable across the province and have much smaller crews so there is a real increase in small crews who are able to access much more diverse locations!

How often will my location be used?

This is a really tough question to answer. The type of location and where you are located will play a huge part. Your property might tick all the boxes but maybe the first choice of dates aren’t available or they need the location to be closer to the studio. 

For every location they need, they may present 10 or more options to the director. The director then may shortlist down to a few which will be visited in person, then only 1 gets chosen. We wish filming could be a predictable source of income but realistically it’s not. Our suggestion is always to be optimistic, present your location in the best way (great photos always!) and then don’t overthink it. Please don’t start working out all the logistics as it really is a waiting game. Wait until an inquiry comes in and then we will help walk you through the process.

How do I take good photos?

Newer camera phone are generally fine. Please send over a photo file of up to 30 pictures is a great starting point. We aim to showcase the most relevant photos but will also save an entire file to give the client if requested. 

  • Include multiple shots of a location from different angles. Any locations with just one photo submission can’t be used.
  • Please include interior and exterior shots. If some areas are no access, please make us aware.
  • Landscape format photos are preferred, using widest setting possible
  • If you are sending from a camera phone, please email over at the highest resolution which is usually ‘actual size’
  • Do not include photos shot in bad weather (rain, snow, fog, etc.).
  • Submit photos in room order e.g front entrance/lobby then moving through each floor
  • Properties don’t need to be unrealistically tidy but try and minimize clutter before photographing – removing piles of laundry of paperwork
  • Location photos are different than shots used for tourism or marketing purposes. Concentrate on shooting the actual location itself and not people etc
How can I be a great location host?

We ask that you keep us up to date if the details or availability of your listing changes or the images become out-dated, as clients will expect the listing to clearly represent the current state of the property.

Make sure you get back to any inquiries ASAP, turn around is quick in the media industries – and the speed of your response might land you the gig.

If a crew wants to come and scout, make sure you are ready and waiting for them. If you are late they may simply skip your location entirely.

 Make sure your location is ready for when the crew arrive. If you’ve promised to move all your drying clothes out the laundry room, please make sure you’ve done so. Likewise, if cars need to be gone from the driveway or a general tidy up.

Be helpful and don’t hover on shoot. Crews love accommodating locations who are happy to help and they will tell us also if it wasn’t a good experience. Even though it might be an exciting, out of the ordinary day for you, this is work for the crews so be sure not to hover or get in the way. This also means not inviting friends or family over to ‘watch.’ Many of these projects are top secret until they’re released so do not share personally or on social media (you may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement).

In addition to protecting your space from damage, you should also ensure that the production company takes “how-they-found-it” photos of every room they are shooting in so that they can put everything back together correctly. If you don’t like the idea of a crew moving your furniture or decorations, you can make that clear. Be aware that when inviting crew into your home there may be an element of wear and tear.